A Poetic Action 

6:50                  this is not popcorn
7:57                  if morse code were used
8:59                  a perspective worth viewing
10:17                if only for a moment
10:49                longer by the end of the month
11:49                it’s a convenience that you ride
1:07                  escaping like no other
2:05                  ginko biloba and its side effects
2:53                  green   greener   granular
3:47                  loping mind developing a mind
4:41                  why she sits her back toward the house
5:53                  the color of wind revisions
7:03                  no agenda   no effort    no doubt

The intent was to write the first phrase to lodge in my mind upon waking up in the morning and to find a new phrase passing through my thoughts once an hour for the next eleven. I chose not to use a timer, but be more organic and wait until the time occurred to me.




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