On Second Thought


Imagine, if you will, that you are falling from an airplane, mind you, without a parachute. You last remembered reading the in-flight magazine, then the airplane shuddering more violently that normal. Nervous about the less than smooth ride, for reassurance you turn to your husband, but find him fast asleep with his mouth hinged open.

Now you are here although unsure where here is. You try to order the confusion into Continue reading

Cecilia Vicuna’s Spit Temple

spittemple-fullsizeEvery writer I know looks forward to clutching the hallmark of her achievement. A rectangular paginated object is proof of years of a verbal mind at work, the book a harvest of a writer’s dedication.

We value concrete objects. We trust what we can hold and weigh in our hands, an object that stands the test of time. Tangible evidence, books secure us a place in culture and, by extension, the mind. Removing a book from the shelf and reading, an easy enough action, we open to a world that unfolds at our fingertips. The written word receives such respect that Continue reading

Live Writing

live-writing 2When invited to read my poetry for the 40th anniversary and new location of Living Arts in Tulsa Oklahoma September 2009, I was in the country only a few weeks from a year working in S. Korea. The artistic director and a committee of artists of various disciplines designed an interactive, inter-participatory, intra-media fluxus style party called Kubos-Tesseract. While an ocean away from home and immersed in an unfamiliar language and culture, I wrote no poetry. I welcomed the Kubos-Tesseract invitation to Continue reading