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Contact Improvisation

An act of love like so many books, Contact Improvisation: an Introduction to a Vitalizing Dance came out in print in 2006 after several years of writing. It took that long because I interviewed so many dancers around the country and abroad. I wrote the book because I loved the dance.

Still do. The dance remains among my greatest teachers.

Defining contact improvisation can be difficult. My elevator speech is to describe it as a combination of modern dance, aikido, gymnastics and yoga. The difficulty in Describing it especially difficult with someone with no dance experience.

Years ago when I taught writing in Malaysia, one of my students from a local indigenous tribe asked about what else I teach in the U.S.

“Contact Improvisation,” I said. It’s a type of modern dance.”

“What is modern dance,” he asked.

I tried to explain. “It has some similarities to jazz,” I said.

“What is jazz,” he asked.

“Improvisational music,” I replied.

“What is improvisation,” he asked.

Nearly thirty minutes passed in which we tossed words in search of common cultural understanding. He finally understood when I explained it as expressive dance.

Here’s a poetic excerpt from the prologue: “Let your body call you back into yourself, into your most deeply embodied self. Land, dive, soar. Find the crumbs that lead back home.”

If you’re an e-book reader wanting to know more about this improvised partnered dance, know that its electronic version is now available.

You can check it out here.

Sacred Movement on Siesta Key

Contact Improvisation on the BeachOn New Year’s Day, I had the privilege of teaching contact improvisation at an event called Sacred Movement, New Beginnings on the beach in Siesta Key, FL, an eight mile long island off the coast of Sarasota. Joining me was Nia teacher Kathy Oravec and yoga instructor Larisa Byely. Participants showed up on the white sand for an afternoon of looming clouds that weather forecasters threatened with an eighty percent chance of rain. We chose to see our chances for

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Listening with Being

Chinese listen character
Listening generally refers to the blare of a car horn, jangling keys, a voice or any other source sending a wave of air into the ear canal which vibrates the ear drum and cochlea. My book on contact improvisation devoted several pages to listening. It’s common parlance in contact improvisation to Continue reading