Healing and Rumi


We may believe that illness and pain happen to us. A migraine, a cold, or a fever erupts. A car strikes us and we suffer broken ribs and a concussion. We receive a diagnosis of cancer. We are passive recipients of misfortune. Our life gets complicated with this snarl that is not welcome. We do our best to deal with the misfortune.

It helps to reframe the occurrence as an encounter on a two-way street, one in which we have a say. We take an active role. Continue reading

Foremothers and Sisters: Suggested Reading


At this year’s Los Angeles AWP (Association of Writers and Writing Programs), Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, Leslie Samuels Entsminger, Jan Freeman, Renee Olander, and myself participated in a panel called Literary Foremothers and Filling the Gaps. We wanted to honor women writers who have influenced our writing. Renee teaches women’s literature at Old Dominion University and built a substantial lifetime Continue reading

On Second Thought


Imagine, if you will, that you are falling from an airplane, mind you, without a parachute. You last remembered reading the in-flight magazine, then the airplane shuddering more violently that normal. Nervous about the less than smooth ride, for reassurance you turn to your husband, but find him fast asleep with his mouth hinged open.

Now you are here although unsure where here is. You try to order the confusion into Continue reading

Opportunity: Workshop & Recent Publications

Cheryl Pallant Books

Don’t miss my upcoming Writing From the Body workshop Sept 12 and HeartPath: A Couple’s Workshop Nov 21 in Richmond VA.

Oklahoma’s wonderful This Land Press is welcoming me with three recent publications:

“A Great Passage” deals with the death of my beloved cat, Java, and her spirit visiting me while I lived in Korea. Summer 2015.

 “The Essence of Forever” looks at meeting the art of T.C. Cannon, a great Native American painter.  Vol. 5, October 15, 2015

“Torment Relieved in Song” celebrates the centennial of poet John Berryman. Vol. 5, February 15, 2015

Here’s a piece on dance and writing published in the impressive Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices in England:

“Beyond Skin Boundaries in Contact Improvisation and Poetry,” Vol 6, No 2, 2015. Access this for free through a university that subscribes to the journal.

Many of you ask about “Tango in an Elevator.” Here’s the quick link.

Don’t miss out on my next writing workshop September 12!


Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities Review

book reviewWhen I fleshtalk about my bodyflesh which brings to mindflesh organismic waves of fleshbeingspirit, my tendency, at least years ago, was to assert mental control over all of me in whatever way possible. Knowing, I was taught, occurs through rumination and cogitation, mental activity, the matter of my body – or any body – abstracted into tidy bits of information that can be arranged and ordered into fathomable categories. This way of thinking compartmentalizes us into body, spirit, and mind. Mind is the most reliable, the others fickle and worse. Best that we ignore, even denigrate them. Those guided by body Continue reading