For their contributions, I want to thank John Swift, Catherine Daly, Brian Buck, Stacie Birchett, Joseph Harrington and several others who prefer to remain unknown. Below is the collaged result of their words, lines, and phrases.

The Poem, a Poem

win by refinancing
gray sky to the south
lost in spectacular engendered selves
what should be should be without
got into the mood
d aft
d ark

                whatever’s right must not be doing what we’re doing
buoyed by airstrikes
power lines up
wins suit against
in the  ood
                   talk over  rowding

buy now and avoid future disappointment
pencil in opportunity
is mal
\is wrong, wrong, write\
some users said
ap ap happy
< ange afe >
blast the ocean blame crash spent fuel hampers
hind ers
to serve, any way
entirety as a whole lost
lower payments pay a longshot
for closer and closure
buy now every w here
strange craft stage three
shades bright green


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