I write. I keep writing. The result: a dozen books and numerous articles in print and online, published in the U.S. and abroad. My preferred topics include dance, embodiment, consciousness, mindfulness, and play. When creativity knocks, I answer and the words flow onto the page.


I’ve had the great fortune to speak with and write about many great performers such as Merce Cunningham, Kazuo Ohno, Rachel Rosenthal and others. My  books focus on dance, embodiment, radiant aliveness, and my living and working in South Korea.

Contact Improvisation: An Introduction to a Vitalizing Dance Form

This book is my thanks to founder Steve Paxton and co-founder Nancy Stark Smith, who were both my teachers, for creating this groundbreaking improvisational dance, and my wanting to share my enthusiasm about this dance with both dancers and nondancers.

The text begins with a history, then describes the elements that define this form of dance. Buy the book on McFarland Books or Amazon.

Contact improvisation: An Introduction by Cheryl Pallant, book cover, Cheryl's writing

Ginseng Tango: A Travel Memoir

Ginseng Tango chronicles my move to the Korean peninsula to teach English, American culture, and dance while going through a divorce. It follows my involvement with tango, Buddhism, shamanism, and acupuncture while dodging death threats from a jealous woman. The memoir reveals my joy and unease as a foreigner while navigating struggles between ancient and modern practices, western and eastern ideals, feminism and Confucianism as North Korea launches missiles. Buy the book on Amazon.

Ginseng Tango: A Travel Memoir by Cheryl Pallant, book cover, writing about South Korea


More so than any other genre, poetry allows me to experience an ecstasy of written expression and grounds me in Buddhist nondual awareness. Words move me, write me, and take me to mind-altering places.

Her Body Listening

Her Body Listening, my newest collection, is a poetic reflection of my final year in training as a Healing Touch practitioner. Poems grounded in the energetic body and written with rhythmic word associations reflect somatic wisdom and a deep listening tied to earth and spirit. Each poem evokes an awareness of healing and the subtle energies coursing through the body. Read more. Buy the book on BlazeVOX or Amazon.

Her Body Listening by Cheryl Pallant, book cover, poetry collection, writing

Continental Drifts 

 This book is “always musically aware and syntactically limber, and it contains a large measure of improvisation and play….She creates kinetic writing that always surprises.”  — Joeseph Harrington

Buy the book from BlazeVOX or Amazon.

Continental Drifts by Cheryl Pallant, book cover, poetry


The poetry of Morphs features a committed conversation this reader experiences as occurring in layers, pricks, grace notes, simulated dance steps, and thick sliding scales.

A limited number of signed copies are available. Contact me to order one.

Morphs by Cheryl Pallant, book cover, poetry collection, writing

Into Stillness

Kinetic poetry swirls historical fragments with dream, memory, flesh, violence, humor and ecstasy. In prose-like poems that surprise linguistically with their twists of meaning, Into Stillness explores the tension between self and other, existence and death, the word and its silence. Buy on Amazon.

Into Stillness by Cheryl Pallant, book cover, poetry

Uncommon Grammar Cloth

This series of experimental poems, written in continuous prose-like paragraphs but with the rhythmic attentiveness of verse, allows the ever-shifting present to emerge like various threads of a fabric in the making. Familiar word patterns transmute suddenly with an associative leap or syntactic twist or a play on sound, enacting the sense of the body in motion, the self seeking the other, or catching glimpses of the divine. Buy on Amazon.

Uncommon Grammar Cloth by Cheryl Pallant, book cover, poetry collection, writing


The Phrase

A fabulist story about a young phrase that leaves home.

The Phrase by Cheryl Pallant, book cover, chapter book writing

Declaration of Independence

The famous national document poetically recast through erasure and collage.

Declaration of Independence by Cheryl Pallant, book cover, writing

Poetry By Chocolate

A poetry collage made from the tantalizing text on chocolate wrappers.

Poetry by Chocolate by Cheryl Pallant, writing

Recent publications


“Dancing Evolutionary Spirituality,” Dance, Movement & Spiritualities. Essay on Zen, Judaism, dance and somatics.

“Write From the Body,” The Loft. A blog post about my somatic writing technique taught at The Loft.

“Writing From the Body,” All Things Healing. I combine my passions of writing and movement to explore the language of the body through writing.

Gifting Poetry: Teaching Students to Read Poetry Closely,” Teachers & Writers. The essay that led to an award as Bechtel Finalist.

AWP Pedagogy Papers

“Moving Into Writing,” Creativity Portal 

Contact Quarterly 

Natural Awakenings  

Journal of Process-Oriented Psychology


High Performance

Shamans Drum


Embodying Change,” Hope Beneath Our Feet: Restoring Our Place in the Natural World. This anthology asks, “In a time of environmental crisis, how can we live right now?” Other contributors include Alice Walker and Barbara Kingsolver.

An Introduction to the Prose Poem ” “Yonder Zongs” A wide range of models and stategies for the prose poetry. Contributors include Margaret Atwood, Russell Edson and Pablo Neruda

“A Declaration of Independence,” Letters to the World. An anthology with contributors from Wom-po, The Discussion of Women’s Poetry LISTSERV, founded by Annie Finch. A bountiful collection of writers including Camille Dunghy, Eve Enszer, Allison Hedge Coke.

“The Pizza,” Food for Thought. Writing about food by contributors such as Herman Melville, Charles Simic, and Marge Piercy.

“A Neighborhood Bar,” Inspired by Drink. Writing about drinks by contributors such as Edgar Allen Poe, John Updike, and Daisetz T. Suzuki.


These are often dream-like, surreal metarealities that in fictive terms tell the truth in their own slanted way. My fiction has been featured in…

“Breakthrough,” Cafe Irreal 


Oxford Magazine

“A Touchy Situation,” Cafe Irreal


Pleasant Living 

The Crescent Review


Minds in Motion

The New Rain

“Until Death Do They Part,” Gargoyle

Reviews of artists

“Torment Relieved in Song,” This Land Press: article about poet John Berryman

“Passing Over,” This Land Press: reflection on my cat in South Korea

“The Essence of Forever,” This Land Press: how I fell in love with the work of T.C. Cannon

Laurie Anderson

Ed Sanders

Marie Choiunard


David Whyte

Miranda July

Many other artists at Style Weekly


Women’s Studies Quarterly

Conterminous, Gridded, Deaggregated, and Uncertain,” Tarpaulin Sky


“Heenayni,” No Tell Motel

“Ground in what flows through,” No Tell Motel 

“Panting,” No Tell Motel 

“Ten or more suggestions,” No Tell Motel

“Fear in the Reveal,” No Tell Motel 

Cue: A Journal of Prose Poetry

An excerpt from “Into Stillness,” HOW2

“Yonder Zongs,” Moria

“Freaking Fricatives,” Moria

“Entry Steps,” Moria 

Homonumous: Magazine D’Avant Garde 

An excerpt from “Uncommon Grammar Cloth,” DC Poetry Anthology


Sleeping Fish


Coe Review

“Blue Poets in a Red State: A Linked Verse,” Big Bridge

Wormwood Review


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