Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation is the art of paying attention and an invitation to be ourselves. The practice is full-bodied, no part of us privileged above another. Breath matters as much as thought as much as flesh. Within reach are balance, calm, insight and well-being when we practice awakening, self-compassion, and embodiment. We welcome being embodied, experiencing presence and radiant aliveness, experiencing how our physical body interpenetrates social and cosmic bodies.

Cheryl Pallant Mindfulness and MeditationWith meditative and mindful awareness, there is only a timeless now. This Now ripples outward and inward and allows every level of our being to actively participate in creation. The Now provides an energizing rest, a welcome, an ease that can be carried to our work, family, and creative pursuits. We are poised in this moment, effort and stress falling away. We breathe, we sit, we look, we listen. Meaning shifts. We surrender. We make peace with the universe. We wake up.
The only task is to be present to sensation and thought arising. We need not do anything in particular other than to be. Our body opens to release and calm, to fill and empty. As we meditate, our body breathes us. Each inhale and exhale renews our senses and our belonging in this lifetime.

This workshop uses meditation techniques from a variety of traditions as a way to practice mindfulness and meditation for developing balance and participating more completely in life. Sessions include exercises in breath and body awareness, mindful inquiry, gentle movement, and discussion. Sessions are experiential with an aim to increase presence and knowledge. Using somatic methods, participants learn how to listen to their body, tap into their individual guidance and wisdom, and open to their deeper nature.

*Relieve stress
*Support balance and calm
*Increase concentration
*Deepen breath
*Feel more fulfilled
*Awaken presence
*Lower blood pressure
*Improve well-being