HeartPath: Mindful Relationships

Improve your relationships and develop interpersonal mindfulness and compassion through HeartPath.

Stepping stones

Stepping stones

HeartPath is a body based mindfulness technique that brings a quality of presence rooted in authentic being that is shared with another. HeartPath uses meditative and somatic practices to cultivate trust, understanding, intimacy and love that can be applied to any relationship.

Responding from an open heart space instead of reacting is needed for individuals to develop compassion, wisdom and to reclaim joy. Identifying relational blind spots, the places where we push away from connection and intimacy, deepens acceptance and opening at a greater depth.

Through authentic relating and seeing the truth in oneself and others, individuals refine the art of listening which is pivotal to deep and satisfying connection. By exploring conscious communication, individuals cultivate aliveness, wisdom, and awareness.

Workshops are for those who recognize the need for change and growth for their relationships to thrive.

A workshop includes meditation, mindful movement, reflective inquiry and dyadic exercises. Ready to grow and improve your relationships?

If you, you and a partner, or a small group would like to set up a workshop or one-on-one intensive, let me know.

Workshops are co-led with Don Koehler, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Commonweatlh Counseling. He specializes in working with individuals, couples and groups to resolve conflict and improve communication by using mindfulness and somatic approaches to address relational impasses. He is also a lay priest in the Rinzai Zen order, Hollow Bones.



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