Here are two more drawings by Lori Ellison. They appear to be on the move yet well situated, at rest yet quivering, minutiae telescopically visible. Following are my poetic responses.


If you follow
follow closely
If you close by
unclasp loosely
If you can stand to wait
stand by
The ground floats
and clouds billow
If you repeat
let go
you let glow
Cysts exist
yet if you follow
float shapely
awe in piece in space
awe in peace
awe in peace
awe in place


Pray for rest
the relief of a dream
from the circles and sayings
carpeting who we are

We may pretend nothing happens
yet everything spills, heats, burns
every afterward
another instant of breath

thinking an unthinkable
every instant threading a chance
We are free to go, to arrive, to dance
to choose a hurry of words

from a hunger of silences
while nothing insists upon something
and something, like names in the wind
unravels into an imaginable


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