Poetic Action

POETRY YARD SALE: You’re invited to participate…

Wanted: Phrases never used or used but no longer needed. Worn, chipped, faded, hyperbolic, expired, parts missing okay. Go through your files, closets, under the bed and send me phrases you’re ready to pass on.

Intent: To collage them poetically and print in a future inBod blog entry. Once the poem is printed, “buyers” are welcome to select phrases for personal* use.

Please send by March15, 2011.

*Buyer Responsibility: Take phrase and use it in any way: inserted in your poem or story, chalked on a sidewalk, penciled in a note, tossed in a drawer, given as a gift, “sold” at another Poetry Yard Sale. Buyer will let me know about its intended or actual use.

3 thoughts on “Poetic Action

  1. …win by refinancing, it’s time for your appointment, scuttled at sea, the ego is back, from heart to fear, when obstacles arise, pencil in, the opportunity to serve, any way you want it…

  2. Whatever we’re doing must be right, otherwise it’s wrong! Its entirety as a whole is lost in spectacular dreams drifting into whatever’s right must not be doing what we’re doing if what is gathered is lost in spectacular engendered selves’ shifting sideways by the seashore speaking softly calling your name, my name, named of the roots grifting by and by in the mellow shade of trees, drifting suddenly with the echoes of canyons far away in foreign lands sweeping the dusty bails through with the game threw the ball, it’s gone, that which is wrong, wrong, write into the walls of time whatever we’re doing must be right, otherwise it’s wrong!

  3. how can I not participate in a yard sale?!?!

    how about a whole “sow’s ear” poem start from the “swipe file”?

    Gray sky to the south and storm
    rumbles. A cloud below sunlight
    reduces it to rays and shows the water directly out
    three shades bright green.

    The dock seems purple. Drops speckle it
    and the sand. The rain plashes,
    blasts the ocean white. The storm begins to pass.
    The sun continues. The moon rises.

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